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The Marriage You Want ...is just on the other side of the things you haven't figured out yet!  None of us are born knowing how to have a healthy marriage that feels connected, where you feel free to be you, and feel confident that you can get through anything together.   This group is for married folk who truly want to elevate their marriage, crack the code on the things they didn't even realize about (their) marriage, and connect with other married folk who want to do the same!  As your host in this group, I want to get to social with you and dare I say actually connect in this saturated, social media world. 


Imani Aieshah is a Wife, Mama, Marriage Coach, and author of What Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Marriage. 

Communication is her jam! She is passionately committed to helping married folks become master communicators in their relationship so they can get true partnership amid exhaustion, crazy schedules, and demanding to-do lists! 

The relationship cliches you’ve heard all your life only limit a marriage. Imani guides you to creating a marriage that goes beyond those limits, a marriage that feels more peaceful, intimate, and free. Her signature online experiences give couples both the techniques and confidence to tackle the inevitable tough times and truly create the solid, long-lasting marriage they want.  With her, you’ll find the sweet spot that only your marriage has so you can feel connected and comfortable enough to talk about anything, even the hard stuff, with less headache and more resolution and peace. 

Why You Should Join Us

Because you want to discover your marriage's potential. 

Because you want to feel the excitement of always growing in your partnership. 

Because you're not the alone.

Because you were never taught this communication thing in marriage and not you're ready.

Because you take yourself and your marriage seriously (but not too seriously... you like to have fun).

Because you're down to hang out in a space where the host is going to give it to you straight, no chaser.

Because the relationship legacy you leave for your kids starts now with showing them what a healthy marriage looks like. 

Because you want more ease, more partnership and less blame and arguments.

Because you want to feel the shift of being in a marriage that lights you on fire in all the ways

Ok. I'm done. I mean, I could go on... but you've just got to join to see what we're talking about!   

A Big Thanks

YOU are what make this community. I've created this space because I'm dedicated to elevating marriages, unscripted, without judgment, and changing the negative narrative of "failure" around marriage into a narrative of authentic growth and connection.  Thank you for stopping here and I'd love to see you over there... behind the digital curtain, moving toward the Marriage You Want! 

Oh, and you're going to love the App, so be sure to click below! 👇🏾

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